Thursday, February 26, 2015

Architects, Amaze Me! Commanded Ray Bradbury, Heart Full Of Wonders

imagine a museum of rollercoasting tales
of wild eyed carousels, the rain stippled horses
of far legend

a museum of winds. of rains:
the pattering, the misunderstood and now redeemed jeweled beadings on old windowpanes, on roofs the color of fire

a museum of green rivers and greener trees
and summer dioramas and children brimming over

with field flowers.
even then, is it enough?
in a corner of stained glass radiance

rosier than Chartres
with isinglass rose petals opening
on the day:

a yellow house
is not torn down is not torn down is not

torn down.

is here.
to stay.

mary angela douglas 26 february 2015