Sunday, February 08, 2015

Black Cherry

black cherry in the dusk
sparkles and fizzes
(what's left over

that you didn't drink.)

and in the grass
or still playing in the street
the neighbor children linger

as if it were sweet
twilight's sequined birthday.
black cherry is the taste

of the cola in the glass;
the richest ice cream.
you would always choose

at last, on family vacations.
the screen door creaks
when you go on remembering

black cherry in the ladened cream
of a dream you're dreaming it again
perhaps your sister chided

wearing all her gumball machine rings
at the same time.
what rhymes with black cherries

is a black cherry dress you dream on:
a sash like moonlight
sleeves of pure lawn...

mary angela douglas 8 february 2015