Thursday, February 12, 2015

Little Candles

[for Ray Bradbury]

one should always keep little candles
frosting pink, pale yellow in the drawer
with the brown paper lunch sacks and twine

with the Burpee seeds of purple futuristic Springs-
for the unexpected birthdays,
the cakes with their sudden roses.

you wouldn't walk off a cliff without your
wings, would you? icarus's old mama scolded
thinking he was still her child in love with

the golden, the golden days, "not that drawer, honey..."
one should be always be floating near
the little candles, in the drawer my dear

with the rusty railroad hammer, the greeting
cards you meant to send for the unexpected birthdays
of the ghostly friends, for icarus as a child

in the broad meadows flying in the
sun that can't go out you know
on just anyone's wish or say-so
no matter how hard it blows

mary angela douglas 12 february 2015