Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There Should Be Little Cakes For The Green Road

there should be little cakes for the green road
frosted pink the colour of april suns, the
colour of pinks (the flowers, I mean)

the ones I've never seen and we should go
before we're known by name and while
the stars remain in the skies

the dews are tipped with flame
tipping over into the mystical lane
as if God spilled His tea

(if His tea were made of diamonds someone said)

there should be lullabies through the green grass
blowing, clear water to see ourselves in
and berries near.

then we'll have bread and butter
till there isn't anymore.
dark bread, darker than darkest honey

and some to spare
for the others
on the green road

the one that leads home.

mary angela douglas 10 march 2015