Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm Missing A Clue Said Nancy Drew

[to Carolyn Keene, for the entire series]

I'm missing a clue said Nancy Drew
maybe it's in the old clock, hidden under
the stairs under an oak tree when

the moon irradiates the clouds
but how clouded can life be
in a pale blue convertible

and your dad, a lawyer
when Hannah bakes chocolate cakes
every other minute and you can

still wear those pencil skirts with
the matching sweaters
and read other people's diaries?

and there'll be a note in the bouquet
in of course, cryptic  handwriting
or a slight delay when the

operator puts you through;
an objet d'arte  in the old junk shop
and luna moths in the attics of odd years

won't ravage the old silks. shhh...
a click in the wall! my copy's late
again, from working on her story

a voice comes to you in a dream
when the spring to the hidden bookcase
swings out with the entire series and

you will finger your omnipresent string
of pearls and wonder who wrote
all this, really?

mary angela douglas 19 may 2015

Note: Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson was the original Carolyn Keene who wrote many of the early Nancy Drew books. Later authored by others. The best ones are hers.