Thursday, June 11, 2015

Persephone Leaving The Party Early

[to Christ the King, the only one]

baked in the cake the sullen charms remain
where you'll not find them.
you've barely touched your plate,

they'll croon.
then sidle by the fire.
it's summer; sweltering in the room...

I'm going to the well
to quench the day you say,
almost gaily.

the moon, the moon,
like silver lame is threading where
the fireflies mingle

in the softer air
and you are free
and treading home at last

you'll find, brought down from the attic
the Nativity packed in straw
glows like a star

and you'll remember
you'll remember
in cherry returning gladness

Whose you are.

mary angela douglas 11 june 2015