Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wearing Organza To Our Made Up Parties

wearing organza to our made up parties,
did the ghosts startle us all summer?
coming back across dim fields they

melted by the Time
we got back for ice cream.
it's strawberry flavored

my sister said wistfully
this time
oh no I said black cherry vanilla

like a vivid snow of flowers.
we'll cook mini marshmallows
for the dolls and other things

for hours on our pink stove

and leave the chocolate bars
in the sun on the back porch steps...
they're done we'll cry

then turn around three times
to see our mud pies from the day before
have really amazing fruit fillings.

and the filing station just beyond
has a grand opening too.
you can tell by the balloons and

the multicoloured pennants fluttering

near the sail clouds, puffs of our
favorite breezes; it's kingdom come
where the fairy sized, yum!

pecan pies mean a lot
unwrapped at once
with orange pop.

mary angela douglas 12 july 2015 rev.20 june 2017