Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Some Late Night Headlines From CNN And Two Rainstorms Many Hours Earlier: February 24 2016 11:19 P.M.

seen from the upper floors 
the rains are moving sideways
trying to be clouds. or tides.

the small hail flies like birds
blown sideways
and next I look for someone else's Spring

from another planet to fly past
the child at the window
knowing it will last...

no matter how long it is
it comes to pass like the
sudden wildflowers in 28 varieties

the newspeople marvel over
in Death Valley
appearing after another rainstorm...

this was my etude to the winds
on a february day 
in a small town (it started out that way)

far away (but with extravagant rainstorms)
from the new map
of the milky way's possibilities

announced, today
and the astronaut
longing for earth

and ready to return
who feels he has earned it.

mary angela douglas 24 february 2016