Thursday, March 31, 2016

After Hans Andersen's "The Wild Swans"

while toying with the sand in our teacups
at the Great Feasts we were told
to make ourselves useful:

grinding cracker crumbs for the
Marvelous Meatloafs;
mixing the berried vinagrettes for the green beans

snapping to attention.
checking the pink and the bakelite stove
for the little plain cakes for our suppers.

in the fairy tale castles growing up,
life is not what it seemed
and minus the icing compared to

when we wrote on diamond slates,
waiting for our bluegreen majorities.
carol it whichever way you can

on a green strand
near the holly berries.
or at the Christmas movies' cue

and the soapflake snow whirling all around.

but you'll remember when learning
was the glasslike hills
and the golden apples rolling down. 

mary angela douglas 31 march 2016