Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I Want To Make Butter Of The Palest Yellow

I want to make butter of the palest yellow
and stamp it with the willow tree
or with a golden seam.

cream butter, submerged in springs all summer,
ice cold lady-in-waiting for
the Elderberry Queen, the jam of

all jams, spread lightly on a honeyed crust
or the thin crusts for the gentlefolks' tea
fallen on poverty

with wild strawberries crushed
and savored to the last crumb
with a prayer and the last

of the wild mint
when winter's in the air
Christmas so near.

when we say to the ghost of our angels
pass the butter, dears.
go fish where there are no fish

and make a tricoloured wish
for the Trinity is here
asking for drawn butter

on God's asparagus.

mary angela douglas 29 march 2016