Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Mystical Evenings With The P.T.A.

the dove stitched sundials in the summer shade
the ache of autumn in the waning of leaves
these things I wanted to display

on the school bulletin boards, or taped to
the Holiday Windows so you could see them,
from outside,

when Parents came at night with the P.T.A.
to visit our mystical classrooms.
or fresh strawberries in May, piled high

in their show-and-tell baskets
under a Recess sky
and we're all laughing

and we don't know why
at the creaking of playground swings.
and we'll all wear green crepe paper

with snow crepe collars and stand together
forming the Christmas Tree

on the auditorium stage
or dance between the Cakewalk's masking taped lines
and never stray

and win the cake with the pineapple glaze,
the cherries on top,
can you top that? (I think not).

now it's too late to turn old homework in
and paintbox privileges are over.
but I'll weave chains of clover in my sleep

and pretend I'm there again
in a new plaid dress so bright with starch
I'm apple crisp wearing it

till the bell rings in the chilly air
and it's time to go in.

mary angela douglas 5 august 2015;9 march 2016