Tuesday, March 29, 2016


sassafras you want to sass somebody
anybody in town
and tell them after Sunday

sarsaparilla's going down
and you're in a children's western
the best heroine in town

and sassafras sass sass
is the only game around.
maybe it's a nursery rhyme leftover

maybe it's a jump rope rhyme in clover
maybe you'll go back in time time time
on your Grandfather's dime dime dime

and scoot out there to the curb
where the soft ice cream is served
in the purple of the day

when dreams are on the way
and you can hear the bell
and the tinkle of it swells

and it's a day of note
when Gramp makes root beer floats
and that's why I say:

sasafras sass sass
sarsapirilla's going down.

mary angela douglas 29 march 2016