Friday, March 25, 2016

The Ones I Remember The Most, The Dove Drenched Days

the ones I remember the most, the dove drenched days
and the pristine trees fountaining with flowers;
the gardenia evenings coming through the window;

the carport, the twilight mysteries.
nothing on tv;
just family feeling

and all the lights on
the new magazines
the Bauhaus and the Debussy

and the ivoried light keeps playing it over.
the fresh ironed dresses
steamed for school;

the February gleam of
pink birthday parties,
Prang prepared art.

and nightlights in the dark
fireflies in the yard.
don't try so hard or try

a little harder to
hold onto this:
the white clover starred

the purple down the road.
all you will remember
whispered kind angels,

as if it were gold...

mary angela douglas 25 march 2016