Friday, March 25, 2016

When The Past Arrives At The Station/Easter Morning

when the past arrives at the station
where the present breaks down
then we will sing the song about the

lemons, the oranges once more
and all the bells in town ringing
the dolllike brides and grooms

coming out from the steepled snows
and cheering the confetti all around.
when the past is suddenly, inexplicably

right now and the reindeer roofed
bright as daylight will you recover
your birthright, birthstone

your lily of the month
and be offered your choice
of the candies from two

different boxes, each with their separate ribbons
and wear lilac socks and it is Spring
to match the Sunday school dress.

the one you love the best

smoothing it down, your Grandmother
searches your face
no trace of tears young faith

is shining there
your hair pinned back as for a crown
with tiny white and gold flowerets entwined

it's invisible you think

the tiara from the Lord in the morning, morning
but not to the birds my birds
breaking into their glory

bright singing the fission of Light
accomplished where we stand quietly
sequined in sunlight

He is Risen

mary angela douglas 25 march 2016