Thursday, March 24, 2016

You May Not Remember The Rose Clouded Days

you may have forgotten the rose clouded days
the autumn occlusions
the hawthorn rich mays

the song that you sang to yourself and the way
the page that you turned taught bright
music to stray

through the quartz minted seconds
that ticked in your rooms
and the feeling it gave you

when you saw the moon
glide softly in clouds
and then exit in tears

when the rains came up suddenly
showers so clear
and you at your window

the dead of the night
felt the ocean of time lapping soft as delight
and much left to learn

and to dream and to be
and now it's so little you ask
that the key

is just to remember
the roses were real
and all that you gathered

and all that you feel

is recalled in the instant
you still can believe
that all that was given

is still yours to keep
whether you wake or
whenever you sleep.

mary angela douglas 24 march 2016