Sunday, April 24, 2016


now it's Commencement
and the pearl gardenia shine of it
links you down the years to the ones before you.

their green wreathed days are with you, too
and you feel candlelit inside;
as if you were a bride;

as if there could be no more winters.
there you are, at your beginning:
the white dress, the suit pressed.

and the singers. the elegant programs.
the wilting heat and the fans' relief.
and the speeches, for what may be.

promises tied up with silver ribbons.
brief tears, the parting friends.

maybe Heaven will be like this,
a Commencement, but in reverse.
I will bring you flowers then

with the dews abiding on them
and we will depart to live
in the flower filled air.

mary angela douglas 24 april 2016