Saturday, April 09, 2016

Cussin' Without Cuss Words Lesson One

[to my Grandfather, Milton B. Young who knows what I mean
and who taught me how]

cussing without cuss words can be quite folkloric...
dadblame cartoon headed varmints wouldn't know
their toenail from a claw hammer

headed this way on their two bit steeds;
couldn't shoot a clay pigeon off of the
kitchen table if they sneezed; if you're able, look up

their pitcher under school chums who made
the bottom of the pail look grimier
the crime scene crimier.

can't wipe the shine off their nose even
if the wind froze it off;  wouldn't know a shovel
from a ditch when it came to which is which;

been on the gravy train so long wouldn't know

the singer from the song; been so bad
they made ole Santa's secret list of cads:
those who ain't even gettin' coal

fer Christmas!
o.k.? much less, peppermint candy.

mary angela douglas 9 april 2016