Saturday, April 02, 2016

If I Say Or If I Withold This Word

if I say or if I withold this word
will the trees fountain more greenly
will the blue woods come closer

to the curb where I look both ways
uncertain when to cross.
I know that I will cross one day

the crossroads all must once
and I'm afraid I won't see the
light change quick enough

or there'll be some delay
I don't expect that hurts.
dear God I love you

and I know you don't desert
but the earth is sometimes harsh
in the midst of so much beauty.

today I decide is this the word or not
in my small poem.
or is there a word that I forgot

that became a jewel obscure in
the cave of my mind or will I find
it's only You and laugh and remind

myself you're here beside me
all the Time and isn't that
the most beautiful word of all.

mary angela douglas 2 april 2016