Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Not Today;No MFA;Thank You,(Not Even For Light Refreshments)

we'll all be out here hunched under the apple blossoms
writing the secret classics they will remember us for
for years I wanted to say cryptically at the exit

from the meaningless conference.close to tears.
and from the podium I could hear the mic checks
thudding one by one

even while I was on the bus;hey, get a glimpse of that

mouse grey carpet, would you? I'm

headed in an alternative direction thank God.
let's write on the clouds in your special cloud ink
made of soap bubbles from the five and dime

and here's your magic wand
I spoke to my soul alone. a few spectacular spectators
in spectator pumps.reading the same best seller.

let's go make rainbows happen.
skipping lunch.

mary angela douglas 6 april 2016