Sunday, April 03, 2016

Pilate, That Paragon of Civility

I'm sure Pilate thought he was
showing good form that day
with his thoughtful, "What is truth?"

his dreamy stare indicating a reasonable man,
admirable, even in that situation to have
given the Criminal a chance to answer in the docket

a question about his favorite hobby.
(Pilate's I mean; quite the dabbler in it
and a paragon of civility.)

What is truth, asked Pilate a tad dramatically
aware of his question
ringing on the air.

But Christ said nothing

knowing the question wasn't real.
knowing he was about to die as the Answer to it.
and then the I find no fault in this man

thus washing his hands of the whole thing

especially the bad dream his wife had,
begging him not to condemn that man or else.
so he comes up with a game show choice:

and proud of himself, for neatly solving
what could have been a real career breaker:

Jesus, or the thief?and Barabbas goes free
as Pilate must have forseen,
thus letting him off the hook

with his bosses, his wife and
keeping the crowd, the Scribes, Pharisees happy.
letting Christ bleed.

how civil of him.

mary angela douglas 3 april 2016