Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Please Turn The Page

the skillet is for decoration really
we don't eat pancakes, eggs, sausages;
we just dream about them.

and fruit salad, ambrosia, little pink
cupcakes. more and more I can really
imagine a good meal

and almost feel full from it
but my allowance goes into books
and books and books until I think

I'm going to turn into one, one day
and when someone speaks to me
I'll just have to manage somehow

to say: please turn the page
like the read-along-with-the-book
children's records

back in the day.
whose day?
The day?

was there really only the one day?
then it happens. the chime you've
been waiting for after the best illustration

ever, the tinkerbell voice declaims:
oh, please, little child listening oh, please

(fairy dust scattering ping)
turn the page.

mary angela douglas 12 april 2016