Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Praised

on saturdays the realm of freedom widens
the smell of cut grass in the neighborhood
the drone of the occasional plane

from the base overhead
and we revel in cirrus clouds the cotton candy of them
the peanut butter and banana sandwiches

made by our Grandfather's hand
and, after chores, the endless ocean of time
that holds whatever may come.

the small dog's tricks across the kitchen floor
for the fried chicken to get dropped somehow
under the table

and grace to read under the trees and the
kingdom of home that feels so wide and deep
even when you do have to straighten the dresser drawers

for the umpteenth time for they are not neat
or polish the silver or pick up everything that fell
from the sky when you danced so hard on the grass outside

saying this is mine this kingdom of green and blue
and roses too and the winds the winds through the pines
and saturday the very emblem of Heaven, someday

when every day it's Saturday Forever

mary angela douglas 16 april 2016