Friday, April 22, 2016

She Praises Apples Effusively

["We won't starve;we have apples..."
Sam Elliott's character,
from the lovely Christmas movie, "Prancer"]

I would be eating the apple squares under the
burgeoning apple tree or it may be
apple sauce cake,

apple tarts, ruby red apple rings in jars
and watching the green apple stars and dressed
in a dress with apple appliques all ready for May

and apple cheeked so the relatives say
to me every summer and I adrift in a sea
of the pink alternatively cream apple blossoms

floating floating from the orchard only for me
so that I am queen of the apples perpetually
being from Arkansas which has adopted as State Flower the

apple blossom long since and before I ever dreamed of this
apple pie in the sky richness for myself,
all covered in cream.

apple butter apple butter
forgive me if I stutter
it's only for pure love of all the appleness

and if they're serving apple pie,with cheese or
without or
this veritable a la mode slice of Heaven on earth.

won't you have some. Please.

mary angela douglas 22 april 2016