Monday, April 18, 2016

Such A Pink Cloud

such a pink cloud hides The Ministry
of Fear and Intimidation that little children Outloud
ask for directions, caramels, balloons there

unaware or else I've got it backwards and
the sign in Spring pastels reads: Candybox City
and a voice on the line so pretty

in the audio portion of the program says:

oh. welcome children to The Ministry of Pink Clouds.
and you really hope, oh you do. that at least they'll have
light refreshments, a little cake or two

since standing in a queue for groceries

wasn't that productive in the olden days, the golden days
the days beyond recall when you wore your embroidered shawl
to the Ministry of P's and Q's;

what else would you do while the sunset fades...
oh, now it's getting late; I'm off to The Ministry
of While You Wait a one stop shop

where stars come out and sudden skirmishes pop
you know: wars, mere false alarms.
and now they're tarring over-

(what used to be)
The Ministry of Felicity-
Thank God.

mary angela douglas 18 april 2016