Friday, April 22, 2016

The Great Tinkerbell Debate Which Had A Strong Possibility Of Actually Happening

to be sung at summer's end...

her wings were light green with gold spots
I whispered to my sister
no! it's the other way round

she stomped with a cherry lifesaver frown;
she made them last all day; I don't know how
while I chewed mine to bits in a matter of seconds

but now, let's return to the great Tinkerbell debate.
and she flies like a hummingbird or baby meteor I
said, but that would make her a rock when she

landed and don't you understand? where were the wings
when she whirred at the windowsill and darted into
the hall clock?

this went on through dinner, and chocolate ice creamed,
stirred to a fine puree and it tastes better that way
we both concurred while

kicking each other lightly under the table.
now it's fruit cocktail time and we count cherries

and then gooseberries and who's too sleepy finally to decide
which way did Beauty fly when we weren't looking;
it happens every time;without a single chime

out the window again. and without her sweater;

it's too cool for that now and
and is tomorrow, really School?

mary angela douglas 22 april 2016