Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Many Coloured Horse

the many coloured horse from the carnival
pawed the earth near the rose garden
in the perfumed mists of day

as if he had something to say.
we rose in our dream sleep accordingly there
sleep walking in our flower quilted housecoats

from last Christmas and
under an indigo sky fast becoming

shell pink. what do you think
I dream spoke to my sister but
she was still playing the piano

in the air, her piano of everywhere
pale green and practicing, practicing
while the many coloured horse stood respectfully

and listened for the silver sounds.

oh why have you come and whither have you run from
I wanted to say in dream speech but could not find the words.
but the dream horse, many coloured cloud horse not at all

loud horse escapee from the carnival
heard me o
and snuffled among the rose bushes

happy he had come home.

mary angela douglas 21 april 2016