Saturday, April 02, 2016

The Way You Are Today

who painted the roses red
said something in my head
we used to know this

now all we remember is
who gave the orders
just like in the newspapers

came another voice
a tea party kind of voice
a little soothing sugarwise

and nervous with a limon edge
no that's the tarts! came a tarter voice
than they and it wasn't strawberries.

cherries perhaps? a Duchess queried
milder than before and Alice
looked down at a pinker pinafore

than she remembered having worn
the last time
the picnic was by the river

the river the river of dreams, it gleamed

the voice, the voice  in her head that would not behave
tomorrow we're whitewashing red roses instead
we knew we'd get to them one day

and splended so splendid
packed in a hamper with the little oyster sandwiches
with the crusts removed

the rose gold napkin rings is everything

I'm not going to tell you yet
but when you find out
you won't be you

the way you are today

mary angela douglas 2 april 2016