Saturday, April 09, 2016

To Those Who Dream In The Dark And Cannot Do Otherwise

to those who dream in the dark Light is still there
this is written as starlight on the dark waters everywhere.
oh, keeping the scripts of gold and holding them above the

Floods that flood the soul, will we go on?
beyond the perimeters of sorrow.
they tell us this is all there is today and then, tomorrow,

slim rations dwindling down to none
these desert lands and break our hands or try to
if we dream otherwise.

they even find birdsong sullen.

we will not succumb.

Emily said they died for beauty, those before and
why shouldn't you or I believe her?
or for truth and both the same remain, remain

and in a world of pain still we may choose to retain
the beautiful knowledge that this is so.
and onward go

though others glower an infinite No.

mary angela douglas 9 april 2016