Saturday, April 09, 2016

Wanted: Any Book With These Attributes

wanted: any book with these attributes-
a hidden wish to fly, to become invisible,
never to lie;

to turn to gold at a moment's notice and
then back again.
easy to read at sunrise; sets with the sun

in complementary colours; doesn't anger
anyone, is good company when it rains
or when it's going to snow for so many

days no one will ever be able to
find your house
and borrow a book again.

seems like a friend; stays where you put it
unless you have pets, is restful, too
with plenty of pictures;

sleeps while you eat your stew
and causes reveries but not sneezes.
has a cherry red tendency to

make you feel it's holidays at home
when you were little and all tucked in
with colourful covers all up to your chin

and reading a story till long past the time
and then giving in to the fairy tale chime
and knowing tomorrow new chapters would gleam

and this is the book that makes you dream...

mary angela douglas 9 april 2016