Monday, May 16, 2016

I Get Random Telegrams From Old Wars

I get random telegrams from old wars;
so and so has fallen ill at the Front.
old battlelines are redrawn

and treaties sworn off of.
and scars have marred everything so that
there are no accords.

sometimes I know
they are in delerium,
the numberless names

the quaffed flames
stirring, almost coming back to life

as the ghosts of their pleasant
dreams return to me sobbing,
seeking sanctuary, safe. harbour:

all,all- riderless horses with their jeweled bridles.

I shield them from harm,
from devious charms,
those young dreams uninured;

but I know the dreamers of them
are dead, the pure;
flag fallen;sand castled

washed away
some dismal summer day.
whereas, the wounded- stream on...

mary angela douglas 

mary angela douglas 16 may 2016