Friday, May 20, 2016

In The Land Of Infinite Franchise

in the land of infinite franchise, disguise,
I looked into the rights of individuals
rather deeply and

into the wishing wells remaining;
the outlines of a half vanished kingdom
I traced through wind, rain and sleet

surmising, if not dreaming.
ah, may all their scheming
come to naught:

those who bear the burden
of diminishing
the magic of belief;

the beautiful eccentricities.
may what they have hidden
be revealed;

may what they have stolen
be returned.

all they concealed come to light and
the evil spells all broken;delight
in tatters, the gold they have taken

from weeping Imagination, set right,
brought home to us
or where we live now

by order of dismal courts,
and trampled on.

mary angela douglas 20 may 2016