Monday, May 02, 2016

Once In The Gold Of The Day We Wore Blue Dresses

[to my sister Sharon]

once in the gold of the day we wore blue dresses:
robins egg blue or ice blue
with a superfluity of lace

and watched Sky King on Saturdays on T.V.
and Telstar in the evening sky
from our backyard

and the Big Dipper,
the North Star to steer by
when we were out with our dolls

or on the porch, before ice cream;
and it is the fourth of July
with golden sparklers

rivaling the stars.
and this is who we are
in our blue dresses

in the rose of the day
and loved by those who love us
who can say how much.

and overfond of vanilla,
chocolate and raspberry,
or strawberries over cake;

spumoni, o the pink
and the green of it:
and every wish we make

and the new day
when we wake.
and we pray to.


mary angela douglas 2 may 2016