Sunday, May 08, 2016

Party Planning

in Heaven we will wear garden party dresses
all the time I thought you said to me in a dream:
the kind splashed with roses on polished cotton

with sweetheart necklines, full skirts
and you showed me the elegant list you had prepared,
a dream list of pink and gold decorations,

the invitations on cream you showed to me
without speaking.
all this was in the land of no emergencies...

and of no setting suns and I was
so happy to see you Grandmother.
that of course, then I woke up.

why do you always come this way in dreams
imparting mind to mind without talking;
(you who spoke so much on every subject

when you were on earth,
to me, almost from birth)
something I don't understand

when I come to; and why does the dream dissolve
before I can stop and ask you things such as:
does dying hurt and do you like

where you're living now?

and is there something
I should know, somehow,

that you,being heavenly-prescient now
can tell me?
you used to spoon out advice

for every occasion from such a golden spoon

and morning, night and noon;
perhaps you said everything then 
so that you've nothing left to say.

you seem to be the same as
on your best days here.

and that alone makes me happy.

mary angela douglas 8 may 2016