Thursday, May 12, 2016

Reading For Comprehension

the idea of the story?
who thinks about the idea of water
when you are drinking it

after being parched?
the idea of light
when the sun comes out

after a week of cloudy skies?
what is the idea of the rose
when you are the rose itself

opening by only the whisper of air,
the warmth of one ray
what is it today

you would have us learn
with your flow chart of ideas
to deconstruct, reconstruct

taking the soul apart
to label its components
as if this were wisdom?

and, as if, we were broken
in not knowing this!

we who are already familiar
from dream times immemorial
with the rocking of the boat

of our sleep

and the silvery
in which we draw enchanted breath
and will never find there

the idea of Death

mary angela douglas 12 may 2016