Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Dowery

[for Sharon,my sister, a million years from today]
and to my mother-

I send you off, my sister

whenever your Time may be
in the little pitch tarred boat

knowing that Love will find you

among the rushes
and gather you in

despite this criminal world of sin,

distress, and unexpected largesse.
and I pray toward that day

you may sail with the winds of Music

at your back and lack for no bright song.
and those who thought wrong of me,

who thought I did not, could not care

we will leave aside and not address anywhere
at all on the day you are dressed

in your magnificence and more beribboned

and petticoat flounced than in the birthday years
you ever aspired to be

may you alight

bringing eagerly in your hands
the silver music that you loved on earth

you will know then, will never disappear,

as dowery for your rebirth

in the Heavenly spheres.

mary angela douglas 10 may 2016