Sunday, June 19, 2016

In A Much Better Mood

am I the rainbow breaking off in the wind,
thought the chandelier prism on the rug again
in a little known tale by Hans Andersen

I've discovered under a stone.
and the wind came through as storms
usually do when the parlour maid leaves

the window open and the Family is abroad
replenishing their stores of spiced pears, nutmeg
marzipan or what have you.

and they will come back drenched
all Princess-and-the-Pea
inquiring peremptorily

what's the story, morning glory;
what happened to the chandelier?
and the maid for fear will go at once

into the kitchen and bake them a ten story Danish cake
with citron in it and frosted pale green
and they will be mollified

and in a much better mood
than at the story's beginning.

mary angela douglas 19 june 2016