Monday, June 06, 2016

Let Birdsong Come

Silence, Poetry! in the corner to which you are consigned
thundered the someones everytime
you looked out the window

and not at the chalkboard equations.
what is a nation mused poetry
do I need one

or a public education

or who will plead my case
if not Grace, she laughed.
and the thundering began again

since it didn't know where else to go.
let it begin to snow, she prayed so hard
with her bright eyes closed,

and cover up my disgrace
and the faces of those who accuse,
having nothing else to do

than to shame the righteous,
the Beautiful Altogether.

let it snow words and facsimiles of words
and let them drown in it
and then.

let birdsong come;
the small birds to the jeweled Tree.

mary angela douglas 6 june 2016