Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The One Writing You On Lavender Stationery

the one writing you (on lavender stationery)
exists at a remove, you muse;
in an arcane grove;

somewhere at home
in a previous century or two.
and the rolltop aqua repainted desk

for summers fit, is there to remind you,
simply, this is true.
in vain you will go to the corner drugstore

thirsty for malts, for something raspberry cooled or

seeking boxed stationery in several colours
with a plastic lid and the ribbon slid over it

or for the requisite Christmas fountain pens.
but you will find stamps oddly coloured, exotic
beyond belief at a penny a roll

and will send something off:
who knows, a dove, a drift of snow,
the colour green as you remember it

that may, in time,
be received.

mary angela douglas 28 june 2016