Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Things That In Your Heart Hold Sway

the things that in your heart hold sway,
the lilac branching kind of day;
the puddles where the clouds float, stilled

except when rippled by the winds.,,
all these you can collect and may
like marbles in a glass half filled

until at last it overflows;
all the silver and the gold
of limpid lake or frosted rose

still lovely in the latter snows.
all this is yours and to command
even in a foreign land

where scoffers scoff at beauty still;
sometimes, I think they always will.
so guard your treasures well, my friend,

your happy endings point of view;
despite the insults they can hurl,
these still are yours, and they are kin

in other worlds.
and will comprise your Heaven.

mary angela douglas 25 june 2016