Monday, June 20, 2016

Think About Your Future

think about your future
they say to those in school;
tell me what is the future of clouds

of blossoms in the wind
and I will tell you then
your future, no crystal ball

predictions, only:
listen to the wind with pearl shelled ear
and ask, again.

what is the future of wind
through the wind chimes chiming or
restless in the trees;

of storms at sea;
of all that you could be
without the questionaires,

left to your own devices
and the daydream stare
that makes them so nervous.

what if you did without
this harrying from here to there;
the future of

how, when or where,
and far beyond sucess,
you in a rose tinted dress or

an enigmatic vest

at your looking glass, content
with birthday wishes bobbing on the air;
set in motion, every mysterious year.

sent long ago to God knows where
or message in a bottle,
your soul

washed up on unseen shores,
immutable, beyond careers.

mary angela douglas 20 june 2016