Thursday, June 02, 2016

With Pink Trees

we'll live in a mint green playhouse
with pink trees all around
like in the picture book,

we decided one rainy Sunday.
it will be pink outside
all spring, summer, fall

and in winter, pink snows.
and we'll have cream puffs
by the bucketfuls, you know,

eclairs as pale as air
and twirl in our embroidered skirts
to music, on porch stairs

as though we were trellised there:
piano and harpsichord.

and lunch on grilled cheese
on gold speckled tv trays.
this will be in the land of no jobs

and all hobbies;splendid days
when you will paint plein air
the Land Of The Pink Trees,wear

multicoloured ribbons from the variety stores or:
candy sample, life without care
and cherries, everywhere!

while childhood composes its forevers:
rose marbled-
on a dare.

mary angela douglas 2.3 june 2016 rev 3 february 2017