Saturday, July 09, 2016

Costume Parties, Summers At Home

we lived in costumes all the time
rose taffeta with cream fringe as though we were flappers
and in play shoes gold and silver

with pretend red ruby rhinestones stitched on elastic
oh the glow the remembered fun
of trying on just everyone fantastic;

a feather boa of pink sparkled afternoons.
clip earings: oh faux jeweled I miss you miss you
and pink lemonades to match

and games made up from scratch

and tea party charms and the rose sprinkled dresses
getting small too soon
even with the hems let out

or Venetian masks surprised
and unwrapped at violet parties
with the sequins coming off

a little in the grass
as though the skies had rained down

mary angela douglas 9 july 2016