Saturday, July 16, 2016


of course, the chairs will be chintz;
the sofa, with resplendent pillows
in the rainbow colours

and only prismed lamps, a baby Grand.
the birds, in golden cages hung
will be let out at moonrise

and the shelves...
inlaid with mother of pearl
with all the books in the world

you love.
you love the shadows when they fall
on the simple floor,

angelic radiance at the door, two windows...
and the cherry tree, and the plum
as next door neighbors.

mary angela douglas 16 july 2016

P.S. There should also be waterford vases filled with snowy, pale green, violet blue, and pale pink hydrangeas mixed in with pale pink roses and tea roses but I couldn't get all that in the poem;it was already stuffed like a sausage, I'm sure.

I have to insist on this as the poem is not merely a poem, it is a wish and wishes, as we all know, turn out better the more specific you are in phrasing them.