Saturday, July 16, 2016

How It All Turned Out

what if everything you had ever loved
was all of a sudden in one place
as if you had fairy tale wished it back

and there you are, with all your treasures
heaped up, shining, and wondering which
toy to unwrap first and then you

call the wish fairy back for another wish
and she chimes in before you can even say it
and says "Time! that's what you want, isn't it?"

and so she waves her wand and now
you're the proud owner of a clock shop
and things are ticking along all green and gold

and bought and sold
and carved so beautifully and dutifully
you wind them all

and then go on a picnic
and wish for the pink cake you
always coveted in the cartoons

and just as you begin to cut a thick slice
of it, the one with the singular rose,
your sister comes in the room in your new clothes

and throws your bunny rabbit at you
and says, get up you lazy thing
it's time for school!

mary angela douglas 16 july 2016