Friday, July 29, 2016

Lemon Stars Over The Patio

lemon stars over the patio of dreams
where the fronds of the ferned
and the mystical trees,

exotic with pink-peach blossoms stream
in-between the paper lantern sanctums of summers...
there, our fireflies

in a lavender key
compose in the moment small galaxies;
we sip  on strawberry sodas

carefully, the childish
once upons suffused
with the lemon stars.

we shall wear our quartz scattered
rainbows well,our polished cottons glowing
all heirloom garlanded; in beaded slippers,

in faceted earrings near the frangipangi;
in empire dresses of the setting sun
till Grandmother says it's getting cool

oh little ones

and oh, my dazzled angels recede
like the lemon stars, the patio of dreams;
like the gauzy motions of the ferny trees,

the pink peach blossoms falling
starlike through the air

mary angela douglas 29 july 2016