Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Way That You Thought Then

the way that you thought then
as a child, not thinking, really,
more like gliding in the blues and

the greens of the days
intuiting starlight, shade trees;
the way it feels in the porch swing

sipping lemonades

in the dusk and the gardenias waft
their white perfume forever.
time was your ocean then

sun flecked or even on a grey day,
sparkle full. and the sound of the piano
sifting through melodic afternoons;

the twilight zone on the black and white tv
or fairytale children's programming.
and time to read the summer books;

to play jacks on the back porch;
to believe fervently: Christmas will come
will bells, will angels, with the flame

that flickers within the heart
so holy, ivory, and so still.

mary angela douglas 14 july 2016