Saturday, August 06, 2016

Oh Lord, Let Me Be Accurate As To The Colours

oh Lord let me be accurate as to the colours of your skies
as they marbelize and shift and glow with altering lights
and not to the outer night where there can be

no sunrise, nor eyes expecting anything true
let me be specific as to the hue of the golden apples
in the far away myth and as to the

child in the grass in the pink dress
picking the small,pearled flowers
and gazing for hours

at unseen angels.
I will describe their halos
and the fresoes all of this makes

on the surface of lakes.
let me not forsake the least fleck of
your beauty there or anywhere really

year after slipshod year

but turn my back on the cruel, the tactless
the supercilious world
destined to disappear.

mary angela douglas 6 august 2016