Sunday, September 25, 2016

At Home The Day Of The Swap Meet

they're exchanging pet theories about the universe
down at the chequered swap meet near the college
and I'd rather count raindrops and then lose count

of the conversations I've had where nothing
really happens again except you get the distinct
and sinking feeling that once more you've been

coopted as a prop in somebody else's play.
whether you speak of pimento cheese,
of the cure for the disease or

the last sighs of Chopin or
how glad you are today, there are always
those eager to unsay your assay

so what is there left to say
I wonder where I wonder

with tne blinds half open
to reveal the skies
where the scenery serenely

changes its disguise with no comments,
with the implicit songs of birds,
and not one thing skittering toward

the spotlight.

mary angela douglas 25 september 2016