Friday, September 16, 2016

Later Historians Coming Upon The Site

pink seashell were the skies
as if to match her room
she thought if thinking could be this

as if she were music
being breathed
and felt in tune

with the landscape
in its winter white dimensions,
shadows of the pastel.

and on the brink of wishing wells
she dreamed into a deeper dream
so that she was not seen

which made the schooldays
easier to bear
and odd it was when she

recalled it later
that the nearer she got to God
the more they indicted her as

'unaware" of her surroundings
not knowing rose like how she bloomed
sounding the depths

of what they presumed
already to have mastered,

well prepared
for all the disasters.
later it was historians came

to view the site and noted
in small notebooks:
it is quite apparent those

who survived
were the ones with imagination.

mary angela douglas 16 september 2016