Thursday, October 27, 2016


I remember the flight from the dance floor, the waltz
suspended the chimes suspended and the
flight of time-

in the outer air, the snows, the waltz suspended
the angels flowing when you thought it was
the stars, the flight of the stars and the

april nights. the april nights branching
and from them
a music richly unannounced and in a dress of white

you mingle with what is left of light

and you are streaming, caught in the dreamworks
and the children's rhymes.
I remember the flights she cried from the dance

floor, the bouquets of gold tossed aside-
in haste, the dream floating toward the exits
toward the air, foaming with stars

the velvet recriminations
heard from afar
but near, and nearer,

the pale green voice of God

mary angela douglas 27 october 2016